Bideltoid (Shoulder) Measurement

April 27, 2024

All personnel who travel by helicopter to for example an offshore installation is required to have their shoulders formally measured. The width of a person’s shoulders will be measured by specially trained person and a certificate stating the measurement will be issued. According to the measurement the person is classified either as extra broad (XBR) or as regular (R) or non-extra broad (non XBR). Any persons classified as XBR will have to sit in a helicopter seat where the nearest emergency exit is compatible with their shoulder size. A shoulder measurement of R or non XBR does not require a specific seat allocation For those measured near to the XBR cutoff are required to be remeasured at frequent intervals. It is recommended that these remeasurements are aligned with BOSIET certificate expiry. Please note that for shoulder measurement all delegates must wear a vest (not a T-shirt).

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January 19, 2023

The Chester step test is a simple yet effective tool for the prediction of aerobic capacity and the evaluationan individual’s fitness level. It requires the individual to step onto and off a 30 cm step at a rate set by a metronome disc, enough to get a heart rate of around 80% of the maximum heart rate and then it is recorded how quick the individual recovers after this standardized exertion. In order to attend the Chester Step Test someone must wear casual or exercise clothing and trainers/sneakers and have not smoked or eaten for a few hours before the test. The results are given after the completion of the procedure. When the Chester Step Test is performed as perquisite for a medical certificate (Certificate of fitness, RUK medical, Wind Turbine medicaletc), if the other requirements are met, the certificate is issued upon completion of the test.

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